Pensacola Bay Area

Published on 6/23/2016

Pensacola Bay Area

7 Great Places To Visit In The Pensacola Bay Area

Big Lagoon State Park

With 705 acres of beautiful land located on the shore of Big Lagoon, the photo opportunities are numerous. Kayak and hiking trails will get you up close to beautiful salt marshes, seagrass meadows, pine flatwoods and the shoreline of Big Lagoon Bay. One of my favorite places to take photos from is the observation tower. From that view point, you can take some breathtaking photos.

Fort Pickens in the Gulf Islands National Seashore

Fort Pickens, which is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, has lots of scenic beauty to capture some fantastic moments. At the fort, you’ll get to photograph a bit of history and nature at its best. The park is located on the far western end of Santa Rosa Island. It’s bordered by Pensacola Bay, Pensacola Pass and the Gulf of Mexico. There are numerous nature trails, coastal lakes, waterways and beautiful sand dunes to get some great photos. My favorite place to take photos is at historic Battery 234.

Downtown Pensacola

Downtown Pensacola is very picturesque and a favorite to many. From Old Christ Church in Pensacola Historic Village to architectural photography of the buildings in downtown Pensacola, the port, marinas and the Pensacola Bayfront present many settings for great photos.

The dunes in the “Sugar Bowl”

Drive east on Pensacola Beach Via de Luna Drive and just after the last residential community, Portofino Island Resort, you’ll find miles of undeveloped beach. To the north of the road is an area known as the Sugar Bowl, which earned its name for the sugar white sands. You’ll have to park and hike through sand to reach the beautiful large dunes that line Santa Rosa Sound. These dunes are the perfect backdrop for landscape photos or a beach family photo. Along state road 399 just past Portofino to Park East, there are many pull-off areas to park.

Big Sabine Bay

To the east of Pensacola Beach just past Park East there is a nice estuary to explore. To get the most of this area it’s recommended to go by boat or bring a kayak. The location is approximately 2.7 miles east of Portofino Island Report, just before the entrance of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. With a kayak and camera, you can explore the estuary and get some great photos.

The Cross on Pensacola Beach

The Cross on Pensacola Beach, which is know by many locals, is located on a large sand dune just off Fort Pickens Road. It’s a photogenic hot spot for family portraits to landscape photos. This beach setting is a must for photo lovers. Historically speaking, The Cross was the setting of the first Christian mass held in the United States when the first Spaniards arrived.

Sunsets at Sunset Grill

If you want to capture some beautiful sunset photos and enjoy a good meal, then make plans to dine at the Sunset Grill on Perdido Key. The restaurant overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway and Old River, the perfect spot to see the sun set. What makes this place special are the small islands that make a breathtaking backdrop as the sun goes down. Don’t forget to bring an appetite and a camera to the Sunset Grill.

From the beach to the city, Pensacola has some amazing locations to get some great photos.